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Our Staff

All of the staff at our Nursery School in Kensington are qualified in childcare and early years, DBS checked and first aid trained.  
Most importantly our staff are all loving and caring towards each and every child.

Miss Dorothy

Principal &


Miss Jayziel

Early Years


Miss Zita 
Deputy Head Teacher

Early Years Curriculum Coordinator

Each child has their own key teacher.  This enables the pupils to develop a strong bond with a 'Special' adult in the nursery setting which is crucial for the successful settling of the child.  As a result teachers get to know the abilities of individual children very well and can plan the most suitable activities for their pupils.

Miss Dorothy
Principal & Headmistress

With over 20 years of running and managing nursery schools in the area, Miss Dorothy has wealth of experience and knowledge in the sector.  Most importantly a true passion for children and their development.  She's also a member of the Parliamentary Review as a Best Practice Representative within the educational sector.




  • Masters degree in Early Years Education.

  • Child Psychology Diploma.

  • PHD in Speech Development

  • Holistic Play Training Certificate.

  • Messy Play and Art in Early Years Certificate.

  • Physical Development on a Rainy Day Certificate.

  • Moving and Handling Certificate.

  • Food Hygiene Certificate

  • Behaviour Management Training.

  • Safeguarding Training Level 3

  • Environment as a Third Teacher Training.

  • Paediatric ​First Aid Training.


Miss Kristy Early Years Teacher

With 4 years of experience working with children in USA and Hong Cong,  she has a great passion for children's development and she is a wonderful addition to our team.  




  • Just completed her master's degree in Early Education​ (L6)

  • Currently held qualifications level 4 

  • Safeguarding inhouse training

  • Planning and Assessment Training

  • Behavior Management Training

  • Messy Play Training

  • Physical Development Training

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